Weds poetry prompt: ‘Lady Mauve’s Lost Love’


This week’s prompt: Write a ‘marriage’ poem

So oddly enough I ended up writing a sequel (or prequel, possibly?) to a poem I wrote way back for the April PAD 2016 challenge, in that this also features the character of Lady Mauve…

What other stories lie in the Lady’s murky purple past? Time will tell, but for now enjoy the story of a lost love…

‘Lady Mauve’s Lost Love’

Lady Mauve had loved once,
Thrown herself into the arms
Of a perfectly reputable man
With a dark and mysterious charm,
He’d swept her off her spindly feet
At that week’s grandiose dance
And carried her wiry frame away
In a breathless wind of romance.
But as sure as there is love,
Then must inevitably come marriage-
Following her happiest and magical day
And after its white, flowery mist had passed
Lady Mauve’s world soon turned to grey…

That once captivating man
Who had stolen her meek little heart
Became a dreary, familiar face
And a frightfully intolerable bore
Within months of their tying the knot,
Even the once primal act of love
Became a forced and clumsy dance…
So on that decisive autumn morning
She made her escape as he slept,
Leaving only an apology letter
As she left the oversized manor forever…
For she now knew that Lord Beige
Had certainly lived up to his name.

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Weds poetry prompt: ‘Strange Tales of the Library’


This week’s prompt: Write an ‘anecdote’ poem

So this ended up being inspired by stories a friend of mine has told me of her experiences working in the local library for several years – strange and confusing perhaps rather than scary, but hope you find some amusement and/or bewilderment in this…

‘Strange Tales of the Library’

I’ve heard many a story
From the quiet and humble setting
Of our local library,
No, not the kind from the books
That line its dusty shelves,
Rather the bizarre tales
Of its colourful visitors,
So often stranger than fiction.

Take for example, the pleading fellow
Who presented a bonafide tree branch
And asked simply, to a bewildered librarian
If there might be a charging point
For his precious wooden contraption?
Alas, the polite yet inevitable answer
Forced him to search elsewhere
To complete his perplexing quest.

And consider the other vexing questions
Presented to weary staff daily,
Such as what their email address is,
As if we live in some wretched future
Where one is assigned to you at birth,
Or if they know ‘that book with the red cover’
Without slightest hint of a title
Or any memory of the author.

Yes, spare a thought for the poor souls
Posted at these caves of words
Assumed to have infinite knowledge
Of every book in the universe
And the entirety of the internet,
But at least the fools suffered
Make for amusing anecdotes
After smiling through gritted teeth.

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Weds poetry prompt: ‘Captain Marvel’

captain marvel

This week’s prompt: Pick a comics character, make that character the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. 

An interesting prompt! I’m a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and excited for the recently announced films/TV series for Phase 4!), and recently re-watched Captain Marvel as it just came out on DVD. It’s pretty cool that a female character has such importance in the fictional history of this universe, and I wanted to write my own poetic tribute to that. Enjoy!

‘Captain Marvel’

The name is not one person;
It spans several universes
And uncountable realities;
But the one to take the mantle
In these more enlightened times
Bears the distinction of being
The first eponymous female
In a long-standing cinematic universe
So far crowded by testosterone.

But she started it all,
As it ultimately turned out-
Set the events in motion
That founded a legion
Of warriors in bright costumes-
And lit a signal of hope
When half of the whole world
Turned silently into dust.

This is no damsel in distress
Or princess wailing in a tower,
She’s got her own agenda
Without waiting for hapless males
To give their blundering orders.
She’ll enforce truth and justice
Where she sees it necessary
In any part of the galaxy,
Sending evil ones the message
That she will be their reckoning.

But her humble human origins
Keep her level-headed
(In spite of the wily aliens
Who rudely stole her memories,
And the day she absorbed
An unstable power source)
And focused on what is right
In our world that has drifted
And become more dangerous
Than when she first set foot on it.

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Weds poetry prompt: ‘Evading the End’


This week’s prompt: Write a ‘death’ poem

…What a cheerful prompt! …was my first thought…but it ended up sparking an interesting poem. Hope its not too bleak for you…

‘Evading the End’

The sheer fear of it
Drives us to extremes,
Wills us to live
A life pushed to the very limits…

Where time is defiantly stretched
As wide as elastic,
To frantically pack in
Everything in our bucket list…

So many places to gawk at,
Countless experiences to devour
Within the dwindling hours
Of this fragile and fleeting existence…

Or you may choose to callously
Throw caution to the wind
By living this life dangerously
Through senseless risks and feats…

Daredevil stunts and leaps define
This thrill-seeking kind,
The light brush against life’s edge
Sending a tingle to their spine…

But however you choose to live,
It’s fuelled by the pure terror
Of missing out on anything
Before it’s all taken away from us.

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Weds poetry prompt: ‘Walk Away’


This week’s prompt: Write a ‘walking’ poem

‘Walk Away’

Walk away from those days
Where doubters and false friends
Stood blithely in your way
To mould you for their own ends.

Walk away from the times
When your trust was twisted
And your innocent mind
Was stolen for another’s purposes.

Walk away from the voices
That taunted so relentlessly,
Silence their thoughtless poison
By banishing them from memory.

Walk away from the past you
Who forgave without question
Because they never knew
The worth of their own perception.

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‘Peacocks in Spain’ (‘Spanish’ prompt’)


So last week I attended a local writing group for the first time, and part of the meeting involves a fifteen minute writing exercise, writing from a specific prompt. The prompt in this case was simply the word ‘Spanish’. This sparked me to write about my first holiday abroad with my family some 18-ish years ago (Peacock is my last name, hence the title), as certain parts…did not go entirely according to plan, but are quite amusing to look back and laugh on now. So I hope you enjoy this little piece about our misadventures in Gran Canaria…and look forward to seeing what I come up with in future group meetings!

‘Peacocks in Spain’

My first experience of Spain (and indeed, any holiday abroad at all) had not been an entirely pleasant one; not exactly the sunny paradise escape that I had hoped for. Well, it was, but it the Peacock family’s lack of experience in these warmer climes that tripped us up. We were already irritable upon arriving at our lodgings, having been steered around aimlessly for the past few hours. We had been getting hot and bothered in a stuffy coach as the driver cruised around precarious cliff-edge roads with no idea where he was actually going; by the time he figured it out, it was 4 o’clock in the morning.
We attempted to sleep, but the sweltering heat and loud, relentless nightlife proved this to be a fruitless endeavour. But we powered through regardless over the next two weeks, with small moments of relaxation and pleasure between our touristy mishaps. What sort of mishaps, you may ask? Well take me, an innocent young thing who had grown up in Clacton-on-Sea, (a decidedly less tropical seaside locale than this one), and had never experienced heat quite like this in his thirteen or so years on the planet. I had suffered from sunburn before, of course, but never to the point where my shoulders started inexplicably peeling. No amount of sun cream could hope to fix that in a hurry. And then, in some cruel twist of fate, I managed to inherit an ear infection as well. So not only were pieces of my skin falling off in red, flaming shreds onto the floor, I had an unbearable and relentless itchy sensation in my right ear to contend with as well. Essentially, this meant the act of swimming to keeping both my shirt on, and my head above water. Sort of takes the fun out of it when you’re just bobbing around, standing up perfectly straight in the shallow end, doesn’t it? My little brother, irritatingly, came through the holiday mostly unscathed. He was in no way above rubbing my face in that fact either.
I say mostly unscathed, as we both made the same rookie tourist error upon visiting the local water park. (I believe this had been before the aforementioned shoulder peeling and ear infection, mercifully) Not counting on how hot a stone floor could be with the midday sun beating down on it, we had both neglected to bring sandals with us. This meant getting to each pool, and trying each thrilling slide involved a skittish little traipse across what may as well have been hot coals, the relief upon setting our feet down into the cool water like a gift from heaven. Our reddened and crispy soles were a small price to pay for experiencing one of Europe’s largest waterparks; just a pity we had to look like complete plonkers in the process.
My supposedly responsible parents, meanwhile, hardly fared much better. On one particularly memorable night, both may have overdone it slightly with the sangria, and proceeded to make complete spectacles of themselves while walking back to our lodgings. My mother complained that the floor was spinning, and upon our return decided it was perfectly acceptable to vomit profusely into the toilet, while my father was standing over it in the process of urinating (we don’t speak of it, but they didn’t say anything about writing about it…)
Add that to the embarrassment of my father loudly declaring “GRACIAS” after ordering a meal in the local Burger King (and looking very impressed with himself while the rest of us had our faces in our palms), and accidentally stumbling onto a nudist beach while out exploring sandy dunes (Oh, the flab! Oh, the arses!) and it proved to be a…memorable trip.
But what sort of holiday abroad would it be without bringing along that trademark British blundering of ours, anyway?

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Weds poetry prompt: ‘Praise the Between-Time’


This week’s prompt: Write a ‘praise’ poem

‘Praise the Between-Time’

Praise the quiet moments
In a world insufferably loud
With its constant demands,
Appreciate the fleeting peace
Between supposed duties
And consuming responsibilities,
Remember the idle spaces
So silent and serene
Before attention was seized
By a growing series of screens…

If you can find such times
And discover joy in the release
From the commotion of existence,
Then cherish every blessed second
And hold them tightly
So that they might be found again
During those testing times
When a hushed medicine is needed
To gently repair and recover
Our tired and exhausted minds.

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