The Mist of Madness (‘Spooky’ poem prompt)

Just a little poem that came from a prompt on the Writers Digest website; a couple of weeks late on this one, in fact (see post here:

Halloween is approaching however so I thought I’d give this ‘write a spooky poem’ prompt a try. Enjoy 🙂

The Mist of Madness

They say loneliness is the worst part
Of being surrounded by the dark.
With no voice of reason to guide
And no stubborn non-believers
To pry us from our paranoia.

The merest whisper of noise
Or even the slightest stir,
Becomes an invisible menace
To a mind that fears the worst,
But would still embrace the chill.

They secretly want to find them
The spirits that hide in the dust,
Skeletons that rattle in the storm,
The beasts that howl and scream
To the darkest side of the moon.

For they were all like you, once.
Lost souls roaming a cruel maze,
Sinking into a life-sucking swamp
That stole their sight and senses,
Condemned to an eternal blindness.

Companionship is the only comfort
In this house of horror and hysteria.


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