Weds poetry prompt: The Nightmare Before Christmas (‘Movie’ poem prompt)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

So yesterday’s prompt on the Writer’s Digest site (see here) was to write a movie-inspired poem. After a bit of deliberation and cursory glance at my DVD collection, I decided to write one about the age old question of whether Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie, as I’d been talking about this with my other half the other day when I saw an article where the director had answered the former. This poem is my thoughts on the issue – what do you think, dear reader? Enjoy the poem either way 🙂

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s an argument endured year after year,
When that classic film should be seen
That caused so much childhood fear,
The age old dilemma – Christmas or Halloween?

Yes, no one can quite really decide
If Jack Skellington’s spooky tale
Is one you simply must watch at Yuletide,
Or rather the night ghouls and ghosts prevail.

The director squarely insists on the latter,
Some may say with perfectly good reason,
But, truly, does it even really matter
When to watch it, or for which season?

For it is a story that can be spun
On both or either holiday alike,
After all, when all is said and done
It will still please the little tykes.

So please, let us all now just agree
That ‘both’ is the best answer
And enjoy a classic either way.


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