Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 30 – ‘Let the Moment Begin’


So here we are on the final day of Writer’s Digest’s November PAD Chapbook challenge. I’m not quite sure where this month has gone, to be honest, but it’s been a nice challenge to write a poem each day. I have to admit I’ve been somewhat neglecting my novel this month due to taking part in this challenge (procrastination via poetry, if you will!), but it’s given me some new material which I’ll no doubt go back and tweak in the future for a possible future collection. But in the months ahead now it will be back to the novel, which I may post progress reports on here (even if the odd excerpt, if you’re lucky!)

Anyway. Back to today’s poem. The prompt today was to write a ‘Let the Moment Begin’ poem. Hope you enjoy this one, and have enjoyed the others this month too. Without further ado…

Let the Moment Begin

Let the moment begin
Where I no longer care
What the world thinks of me
And I can at last arise
As the self-assured man
I have always wanted to be.

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Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 29 – ‘A Letter to Those in Low Spirits’


Today’s prompt was to write an ‘Open Letter’ poem. So, I thought I’d write one to those out there who know the relentless demons that are anxiety and depression – hopefully it lets people out there know that they aren’t alone in the struggle and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway, I hope this is meaningful for those afflicted, either in the past or present…

A Letter to Those in Low Spirits

For all of the people
That can’t face the day
Or break free from
The feelings of dread
That tether you to your bed,
This is an open letter
To tell you you’re loved
And that things will get better.

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Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 28 – ‘It Was a Long and Barren Night’


For today’s prompt, we were instructed to write a ‘It Was a (blank) and (blank) Night’. Now you may think this will be a little bleak from the title, but there is a little sprinkling of hope too, I promise you 😛 Enjoy…

It Was a Long and Barren Night

He sat alone at home
As he so often did.
Nowhere to go, nor to do
Or at least, he thought so.
That’s what his cynical mind
Had chosen to believe.

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Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 27 – ‘Leftovers of a Past Life’ (catch up!)


Yesterday’s prompt was to write a ‘leftovers’ poem. This got me to thinking of how we often look at old pictures of ourselves, or reminisce on the past, and how sometimes our old selves still creep through into the present. Enjoy dear readers…

Leftovers of a Past Life

Looking over old photos now
With a wearier pair of eyes,
We coldly question ourselves
And cringe at the clothes we wore.

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Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 26 – ‘Blurred Necessities’ (catch up!)


And here’s me catching up with yesterday’s prompt, which was to write a ‘luxury’ poem. I think the cynic in me is coming out again with this one, but hopefully it will give you a laugh. Enjoy…

Blurred Necessities

We all love our luxuries
Those naughty little things
That we have surely earned
After dealing with the awfulness
That is the outside world.

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Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 25 – ‘The Echoes of our Equals’ (catch up!)


Damn, a few days to catch up on here. Anyway, let’s push on! Day 25 (Wednesday’s) prompt was to write an ‘Echo’ poem. Which turned into my musings upon the concept of parallel universes, as it turned out. Hm. See what you think, dear reader…

The Echoes of our Equals

A traveller from another time
And another place, locked way
Behind an invisible door
That no hand can touch.
And yet, we know it is there
From the echoes bleeding through.

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Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 24 – ‘A Rose Without Thorns’


Today’s prompt gave us the choice of writing a ‘Love’ or ‘Anti-Love’ poem. As you may have been able to guess from the title, I decided I wasn’t in a cynical mood today and opted for the former! (being very much in love myself) I hope it isn’t too sickeningly sweet for you…

A Rose Without Thorns

The feeling that can’t be forced,
That can only hope to flourish
In a garden still unravaged
By the hate beyond the walls.
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