Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 1: ‘The Day After’ (catch up!)

So I’ve just started another of Writer’s Digest’s poem-a-day challenges, catching up on the first two days today and posting what I came up with 🙂 The first day’s prompt was to write a ‘day after’ poem…(see here)this is something that maybe a lot of us could relate to? 😉

The Day After

Staring at myself in the mirror, the day after,
A time for reflection as I squint at my own.
I search my face for clues, any telling marks
Of a night my throbbing head can’t remember.

Bits and pieces come back in a flurry,
A storm of silly and unsavoury things,
My lips firing reckless declarations
And sealing my fate with quixotic kisses.

The decadence of the night now long passed,
The damnation of daylight judges harshly
And forces me to hide deep in shame
Within the sanctum of my bedsheets.

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