Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 2: ‘Surrender to the Music’ (catch up!)

And here’s my poem for Day 2 (yesterday) of the WD November Poem-a-Day Chapbook Challenge (see page here). The prompt was to write a ‘surrender’ poem, to which I came up with the idea of writing about how we ‘surrender’ to music. Enjoy 🙂

Surrender to the Music

Surrender to the sound
The sounds that bring a tear to the eye
Or pull our ears back in time.
Give into the temptation
To tap your trembling feet
Or fingers to the beat.

That irresistible, timeless rhythm,
It controls our bodies still,
Shaking our heads and limbs
In unrestrained dance
And moving our mouths
Even if we don’t know all the words.

Surrender to the feelings,
The memories the music makes,
The ecstasy we all share
In a world where those sounds
Can soothe even the saddest days,
And bring our souls together.

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