Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 3: ‘A Valley Unveiled’


And here’s today’s prompt for the Writer’s Digest PAD Chapbook challenge, so officially caught up until tomorrow now 🙂

Today’s prompt was to write either a ‘United’ or ‘Divided’ poem – or write one of each, or one that combines both. I opted to combine both; as a certain philosophy immediately came to mind that I thought would be appropriate. This is what my somewhat tired brain shook forth today, enjoy!

A Valley Unveiled

The sunlight shifts across,
Lifting shade from the mountain,
Shining light on the obscure,
But also hiding that already seen.

The two forces divisive in nature
And yet that balance upon each other,
One charged by the great fire in the sky,
The other yielding to tide and earth.

They both collide upon this rock,
Changing places with the other,
The great dance of light and dark
That endures for all of time.

In unity, they illuminate
Yet equally, in darkness divide.

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