Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 4: ‘Once Upon a River’ (catch up)


Catching up on yesterday’s prompt of the Writer’s Digest PAD Chapbook challenge once again! (today’s prompt to follow in my next post). The prompt given for this one was to write a ‘Once Upon a (blank)’ poem. Enjoy!

Once Upon a River

Once upon a river
The fireflies appeared,
Flying and frolicking
Above the rippling blue,
Their light a warming sign
In the dead of night.

They show the way
To a weary traveller,
Tired and thirsty
From his long journey,
Though they are not aware
Of his pain and plight.

For theirs is a simple existence,
Dancing and flashing their flare
Without a worry or a care.
Yet they still warm and comfort
Those weary of the darkness
Or who have got lost along the way.

The traveller stands there in awe,
Soaking in their warming glow
And feeling the life-force,
Those strange mystic powers
That the deep forest hides,
Burning within the fireflies.

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