Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 5: ‘Carn(iv)al Desires’


Day 5! All caught up again, whew. Today’s prompt was to write a ‘festive’ poem (not necessarily festive meaning Christmas), so I decided to go with a bit of a carnival flavour for this one. Enjoy…

Carn(iv)al Desires

Nothing calls out to us quite like
The exotic allure of the carnival,
Where colour and music combine
Into a wild, sensory fusion
Of immoderation and indulgence
Where clothes are often cast aside.

The dreary rags of everyday
Are defiantly disposed of in favour
Of gaudy thongs and sequins,
Sparkling in this shameless show of flesh,
As dancers display their ‘outfits’
That leave precious little to imagination.

Alas, this grand festival of the night
Must inevitably reach its end.
After the parade of pukey residue
And the wanton, untoward displays
Become the migraines of the morning
And a detritus of decadence to clear.

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