Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 8 – ‘Shipwreck of Myself’


EDIT 7/12/15: Came up with a better title!

Day 8 of the challenge, and today’s instruction was to write a ‘Submerged’ poem. Another that could have several different interpretations, I suppose – I’m interested to see other participants take on it! Anyway, here is my own attempt:

Shipwreck of Myself

I find myself submerged
In this gloomy mire I have made.
It rises up to my neck
Claiming my every breath.

I can see a beckoning branch
That could change it all,
I’d only need to grasp it
To transform time to my will.

But an unnameable terror traps me
And sends me sinking further down
Because I am compelled to construct
Barricades that lock out all logic.

The worst-case scenarios
Wrap themselves around me
Making a binding blindfold
That hides sense from my eyes.

Crisis shackles me in chains
That pull my hands back
From taking those chances
That might lift me from the Lethe.

I could claw my way out
And conquer those doubtful demons
Who drag me back down,
If only I had the courage.

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