Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 9 – ‘Mistakes that Madness Has Made’


Here we are on Day 9. Today we have been tasked to create a ‘mistake’ poem. In honesty, this was somewhat inspired from the events of the novel I’m currently writing (finished a chapter today that was really starting to drive me crazy, so I was thankful for that), and in turn that was inspired by real-life events, so this one might be a bit raw and not too cheerful (once again – I hope I get to write something a bit less bleak as the month goes on!), but hey, here it is anyway;

Mistakes that Madness Has Made


Trust is the cruellest thing to twist,
Sending my senses spinning,
My memories hurled right into
A whirling merry-go-round.
Turning them all into a blur
Until they no longer matter.

In this state I can’t understand,
All is jittered and jumbled,
And reason escapes me.
Concentration slips away
And unclouded carelessness reigns,
Mistakes made from a muddled brain.

They are meant with no malice
And born from no petty grudge,
But simply from a mind so tired
From being toyed with and taken apart
So much, that what is wrong or right
Seem to become one and the same.

So judge me not for my actions
But try to see into my mind instead.

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