Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 10 – ‘Digital Dust’ (catch up!)


Catching up on yesterday’s prompt for the Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge. The day’s task was to write either a Technology or Anti-Technology poem, or one that incorporates both. This kind of ended up being both – it touches on the negatives, but also begins and ends on a hopeful/positive note. Enjoy…

Digital Dust

All those magical pixies
That live within the wires
(Or buzz in the naked air)
Keep the humans together
With trickery that transcends
The irritant of distance.

We take for granted
The gifts they have given us.
To keep old friends close,
To share stories and passions,
Simply swallowing it all up
And inevitably abusing it.

This isn’t what they wished,
But they still out hope
That some still use their gift for good.

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