Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 11 – ‘The Critical Eyes of the Cat’


Day 11’s prompt was to write an ‘animal’ poem. I chose the discerning creature that we know as the cat. Hopefully this is one cat owners/lovers can relate to…

The Critical Eyes of the Cat

He’ll stare at passers-by
With those judging eyes,
Only to turn if they gaze back
As if to say ‘Don’t look at me’.
He has no time for humans
Who aren’t worthy enough.

A cat chooses companions carefully,
Unlike those dim-witted dogs
Who beg for belly rubs shamelessly
From any old so-and-so.
No, the feline kind are more thoughtful
When deciding who can claim them.

They make a human’s home their own,
Staking their spots and dominion
And making you their unwitting staff.
He still may look with those harsh eyes
But underneath all the cold stares
Is the warm purr of acceptance and love.

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