Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 13 – ‘The Embers of Memory’ (catch up!)


Whew, had a bit of catching up to do on this today, as I was away from Friday to Sunday for a long weekend seeing friends in London (and attending the Doctor Who Festival, which was awesome!) Anyway, Day 13’s prompt was to write a ‘memory’ poem. (14, 15 and 16’s poems to shortly follow!) – this is what I came up with for that:

The Embers of Memory

I remember the green fields
That we ran through together,
The beach where we skipped
Between the sand and pebbles,
Before leaving our ripply imprint
In the cold embrace of the sea.

But I only see it in pieces,
Photographs that hang in the air
Where there is nothing else
Beyond the confines of a frame.
We can only look at them longingly,
Letting our minds create the rest.

That’s what our memory makes,
The scents that linger still,
The laughter and tears that echo
Through the thick walls of time.
The thrill of senses set alight,
Our memory making the flame.

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