Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 16 – ‘The Wall’


Aaaand once again I’m all caught up. Day 16’s prompt was to write a ‘haunted’ poem. This was one of those poems where I just kind of naturally got into a rhythm with it without having to think about it too much, which is always nice. No ghosts or spooky things here as such – this ended up being more about being haunted mentally by the past. Enjoy…

The Wall

To stand at the door,
Uncertain of what is ahead
Is the state of a cautious mind.
One that is haunted
By stepping into strange rooms
And finding sadness inside.

A bright light is no comfort
To a sight so blinded
By the irrational sands
Of the desert of despair.
They will not trust a way out
That could be a trick or mirage.

The cruel, callous laughter,
Those mocking voices
All torment the haunted mind,
Unless the body breaks free
And smashes the scornful wall
That traps us only if we allow it to.

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