Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 19 – ‘Appetites of the Night’ (catch up!)


Yesterday’s prompt was to write a ‘Thing’ poem. My mind wandered to what people have a ‘thing’ for…

Appetites of the Night

We all have our things
To make us weak at the knees,
Those twisted little kinks
That grant us sweet release.

Some may find them strange
And tut at our tawdry ways
But we shall refuse to change
For the bland and the blasé.

Whether touching tattooed skin
Or pleasingly-placed piercings,
There are so many sweet sins
That send our hearts racing.

The feel of teeth on bare flesh,
The thrill of touching leather,
The weaving of wiry mesh,
Or even the tickle of a feather.

The thundery crack of a whip
The cold touch of chains
Things that take us on a trip
To places between pleasure and pain.

The darkness of the night
With its wicked and wily ways
Blurs what is wrong and right,
Lifting the tedium of the day.

Having a ‘thing’ for this or that
Is what makes us truly human.

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