Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 25 – ‘The Echoes of our Equals’ (catch up!)


Damn, a few days to catch up on here. Anyway, let’s push on! Day 25 (Wednesday’s) prompt was to write an ‘Echo’ poem. Which turned into my musings upon the concept of parallel universes, as it turned out. Hm. See what you think, dear reader…

The Echoes of our Equals

A traveller from another time
And another place, locked way
Behind an invisible door
That no hand can touch.
And yet, we know it is there
From the echoes bleeding through.

He calls out, but we do not hear,
Only indistinct, airy whispers
That we disregard, deciding
That we must be hearing things.
What if these tricks of the mind
Are in fact audio of another world?

He walks in lines parallel to us,
But we do not see him pass by.
He may turn into a ghostly shiver
Or the gnaw of a biting breeze.
Perhaps this is what is felt when
One allegedly walks over your grave.

He casts a spell in our memories,
Overcoming us with the uneasy feeling
That we have lived this moment before.
Rather, it could more feasibly be
The strong link to our counterpart
In a corresponding space.

The traveller is but one of many
Who exist outside of the observable.
For each and every one of us
Has an otherworldly sibling
Who stands with us always
Even if neither are aware.

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