Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 26 – ‘Blurred Necessities’ (catch up!)


And here’s me catching up with yesterday’s prompt, which was to write a ‘luxury’ poem. I think the cynic in me is coming out again with this one, but hopefully it will give you a laugh. Enjoy…

Blurred Necessities

We all love our luxuries
Those naughty little things
That we have surely earned
After dealing with the awfulness
That is the outside world.

That cheeky bit of chocolate, or six,
The hallowed glass of red wine
We sip at while soaking in bubbles
With the odd candle to make it classy.

And to cap an evening of me-time
An ill-advised internet spree
Of shopping for pretty shiny things
That push our plastic to the limit.

But it is all in the splendid name
Of ‘luxury’, the lascivious word
That rolls off our sordid tongues
And allows even the worst excesses
To be acceptable to our hungry eyes.

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