Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 28 – ‘It Was a Long and Barren Night’


For today’s prompt, we were instructed to write a ‘It Was a (blank) and (blank) Night’. Now you may think this will be a little bleak from the title, but there is a little sprinkling of hope too, I promise you 😛 Enjoy…

It Was a Long and Barren Night

He sat alone at home
As he so often did.
Nowhere to go, nor to do
Or at least, he thought so.
That’s what his cynical mind
Had chosen to believe.

He was blind to it all,
The pile of books to read
The one he could write himself
The blank canvas before him
Bursting with possibilities
And dripping with time to fill.

The things he could create
Or simply even consume
That film he’d never seen
The songs he hadn’t heard
A night to rediscover
The richness of our world.

Boredom can only conquer us
If we let its dreary clouds
Rain down on our heads
He could simply block it out
By silencing the pessimism
If only he had the desire.

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