Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 29 – ‘A Letter to Those in Low Spirits’


Today’s prompt was to write an ‘Open Letter’ poem. So, I thought I’d write one to those out there who know the relentless demons that are anxiety and depression – hopefully it lets people out there know that they aren’t alone in the struggle and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway, I hope this is meaningful for those afflicted, either in the past or present…

A Letter to Those in Low Spirits

For all of the people
That can’t face the day
Or break free from
The feelings of dread
That tether you to your bed,
This is an open letter
To tell you you’re loved
And that things will get better.

For the writer of this letter
Is a long-suffering soul too
Who knows the pain
And the unbearable noise
Of contradictory thoughts
That thrash away in your mind.
To be terrified yet weary
All at once, the cruellest torture.

I know the painful paradox
Of being afraid to fail
Despite energy to try eluding you,
Or craving companionship
But still seeking solitude,
To care to the point of crying
But then feeling numb to it all.
I’ve known all this, and felt the fall.

But please know this,
That the blame lies not with you
And that you are not alone.
I write this to reach out
To my fellow sufferers
Who toil and struggle on
In a black and white world
That doesn’t truly understand.

If you’ll take my hand,
I’ll deliver you from the dark
And help you find the light.

Yours sincerely,
A Soul Ailed by Anxiety and Depression All at Once

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