Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 30 – ‘Let the Moment Begin’


So here we are on the final day of Writer’s Digest’s November PAD Chapbook challenge. I’m not quite sure where this month has gone, to be honest, but it’s been a nice challenge to write a poem each day. I have to admit I’ve been somewhat neglecting my novel this month due to taking part in this challenge (procrastination via poetry, if you will!), but it’s given me some new material which I’ll no doubt go back and tweak in the future for a possible future collection. But in the months ahead now it will be back to the novel, which I may post progress reports on here (even if the odd excerpt, if you’re lucky!)

Anyway. Back to today’s poem. The prompt today was to write a ‘Let the Moment Begin’ poem. Hope you enjoy this one, and have enjoyed the others this month too. Without further ado…

Let the Moment Begin

Let the moment begin
Where I no longer care
What the world thinks of me
And I can at last arise
As the self-assured man
I have always wanted to be.

Let the time now come
Where my thoughts are my own
And not tainted by false friends
Trying to mould me in them.
My notions no longer talked over,
A muted voice can now be heard.

Let the new day dawn
Where I am not forever judged
For yesterday’s honest mistakes.
My past is now a page turned over
In the burgeoning book of life,
To be learned from, not fixated upon.

Let the moment begin
Where hesitancy has melted
Into a mere tiny puddle
That no longer drowns me.
A spark has been set alight
Incinerating indecision, once and for all.

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