The Awakening – Exciting times ahead!

So it’s been a little while since I last posted, mainly due to work and Christmas and all that. But promotion for my debut poetry collection has certainly been gaining some momentum over the past few weeks; my publisher managed to get an article published about it in the local newspapers, namely the Daily Gazette for the Colchester area, and also the Clacton Gazette, on Thurs 17th December. I have scanned and uploaded the article which you can view here:

I will also be interviewed by Tony Fisher of BBC Essex radio, on Monday 11th January at 3pm. I am quite nervous about this but excited too! Please listen if you are able, and I dare say it will be avaliable to listen to on the website after the fact too (I’ll most likely make a post with a link afterwards).

So yeah, the Awakening is starting to get exposure and promotion now, I’m still working on ‘The Dance of Dark and Light’, which I talked about in a previous post, and also my novel, so things are starting to take shape on the whole writing malarkey! Excting times indeed 🙂 I will endeavour to keep this blog updated more regularly too. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year 🙂

My first poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, is available NOW for download as an eBook on Amazon. Check it out <a href=”


Review of ‘The Awakening’

Just had a reviewer who I got in touch with on post a review of my collection on their blog – and quite a lovely one if I do say so 🙂 There’s also a chance to win a free copy of it, so check it out!

‘The Awakening’ is available NOW for download as an eBook on Amazon. Check it out

The Dance of Dark and Light (NOV PAD Challenge next steps…)


So I may have lied a little in my last post, about how I would be fully focused on working on my novel after completing the Writers Digest November Poem-a-Day chapbook challenge (deep breath), but I then wanted to go full steam ahead and begin on the ‘next steps’, as detailed within this post on Writer’s Digest.  I have until January to submit a manuscript for the competition, but I wanted to at least begin choosing what poems would be included (as the limitation is 10-20 pages, meaning I certainly wouldn’t be able to include all 30 poems), and begin revising them. So I spent the better part of two afternoons doing this, and finally picked a selection that all have common themes, and even tell a story of sorts, after I arranged them into an appropriate order (almost a ‘concept album’, I suppose). The title just fell into place naturally, taken from Day 3’s poem in fact. So here is a list of what poems made it in, and what should be the final order, unless I keep changing my mind (which is reasonably likely). Try reading them in this sequence and see what you think! Revisions still likely (I’ve already changed the title of Day 8’s poem, for example…)

The Dance of Dark and Light

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