The Awakening – Exciting times ahead!

So it’s been a little while since I last posted, mainly due to work and Christmas and all that. But promotion for my debut poetry collection has certainly been gaining some momentum over the past few weeks; my publisher managed to get an article published about it in the local newspapers, namely the Daily Gazette for the Colchester area, and also the Clacton Gazette, on Thurs 17th December. I have scanned and uploaded the article which you can view here:

I will also be interviewed by Tony Fisher of BBC Essex radio, on Monday 11th January at 3pm. I am quite nervous about this but excited too! Please listen if you are able, and I dare say it will be avaliable to listen to on the website after the fact too (I’ll most likely make a post with a link afterwards).

So yeah, the Awakening is starting to get exposure and promotion now, I’m still working on ‘The Dance of Dark and Light’, which I talked about in a previous post, and also my novel, so things are starting to take shape on the whole writing malarkey! Excting times indeed 🙂 I will endeavour to keep this blog updated more regularly too. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year 🙂

My first poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, is available NOW for download as an eBook on Amazon. Check it out <a href=”


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