Revision is the Hardest Part


So, I’ve spent most of the afternoon going over and revising the poems that will be part of ‘The Dance of Dark and Light’, the collection I wish to submit for the Writers Digest 2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge (the deadline being 15th Jan), and there was one poem in particular that underwent a small, but still significant transformation, starting with the title – the poem that was previously posted for Day 23 of the challenge, ‘The Hardest Word’ , is now ‘The Song of Healing’ (also a sly reference to a certain video game series, some of you may notice). I was already itching to change the title a bit, as it is of course the title of an existing song. After changing the title, I was inspired to make the poem itself a little more ‘musical’. I’m still not overly sure about how the poem reads now, but here it is anyway – do you think I have made changes for the better here, or did you prefer it as it originally was? I’d love any comments or feedback. Anyway, without further ado. ..

The Song of Healing

That soothing word that can heal
Even the widest-stretching rifts
And calm the harshest storms.


I’m sorry for those days
Where I sat in stony silence.
I’m sorry for letting selfishness
Drown out your desperate pleas.
I’m sorry for my sharp words
That have stung in the worst spots.
I’m sorry that I don’t always know
When to step away from centre stage.
I’m sorry for all those times
That my voice has blasted blame.
I’m sorry for the part of my brain
That screams out against the rational.


It may be the hardest word to say
But the easiest one to cherish
For it is not heard often enough
In a world so fearful of being wrong.

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