Weds poetry prompt: ‘The Face of Time’ (‘Persona’ poem prompt)


So today’s prompt was to write a ‘Persona’ poem – i.e. a first-person poem where the speaker is NOT the author – for example it could be a historical figure, fictional character, an animal or even an inanimate object. This is a type of poem I haven’t really dabbled in much so it was quite interesting to attempt – hopefully it should be obvious who/what the perspective of this poem is from ;-). Enjoy…

The Face of Time

I’ve silently observed all that occurs
Within a house where I am master
And dictator of each daily ritual.

I don’t will this myself, you understand,
But they watch, willing my hands to move
Or leap after looking at my face in panic
(If they haven’t watched closely enough).
Always at me, the judge of early or late.
It will never cease to amuse me so
Just how much control I have over them
With numbers tied in an endless knot
And the ticking hands they cannot ignore.

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