Weds poetry prompt: ‘The Sleepwalkers’ (‘Anticipation’ poem prompt)


Yesterday’s prompt was to write an ‘Anticipation’ poem. As in that feeling that gets us all hot and flustered, all in a flutter, or terribly anxious and with a feeling of terrible foreboding. This is what my old grey matter came up with upon the subject. Enjoy, dear reader…

The Sleepwalkers

We live each day waiting
For those electrifying feelings
That will make us feel alive again
After weeks of barely being awake.

We treasure every tingle
And tremble at the very thought
Of the great release to come,
All over in one fiery instant.

All of that pain and weight
Of waiting for so long
Is gone in but one flash,
But deeper burdens still burn.

All of the days and hours
We await for something more
Without stopping to savour
The small pleasures already there.

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