Monday Musings: Realisations as I Get Older


Listening to: A Head Full of Dreams (Coldplay)
Reading: The Heart Goes Last (Margaret Atwood)
Watching: The X-Files
Playing: Zelda Triforce Heroes

I’m hoping I can make this a regular feature for Mondays, as I’m quite keen to get this blog going with a bit more content. As of last week, I have now reached my twenty-ninth year on this earth; to think that, a few years ago, that thirty seemed ‘so old’, now I’m edging ever closer to it. While at times I feel like I’m still pretending with this whole ‘responsible adult’ thing and just kind of winging it, I have become a little wiser in some small ways. Here are some of my thoughts on the not-so-frightening-really subject of getting older…

  • Staying at home on a Saturday night isn’t the most depressing thing in the world.
  • That it’s ok to say ‘No’, especially if in the interest of saving money and not relying on alcohol for a good time.
  • Making and keeping friends suddenly becomes a lot harder. Although, you do kind of find out who your real friends are. I also realise that I can be a bit crap at the whole keeping in touch thing, so apologies to a few folks for that. Something I’m trying to improve on.
  • Spare time becomes an extremely valuable commodity. I’ve found myself having to pick and choose the shows to get into/binge watch, the video games I play. I will always make the time for writing though, having recently putting a timetable together for it (which I follow most of the time…)
  • I’ve realised that I’ve probably wasted a considerable amount of time in the past caring about what other people think. While I’m still a bit overly anxious and paranoid about this, I’m getting better with it.
  • That as a writer, I should let loose more and try and shut up the inner critic who keeps saying ‘This is utter tosh’ as I slave away at the keyboard. I’d rather write something that’s a bit rubbish and revise it later than nothing at all…

And in the same sort of vein, a few (late) new year’s resolutions for myself:

  • Read more (i.e. actually reading the huge pile of unread books that has amassed in my room)
  • Write more, and try and least finish the first draft of my novel.
  • Engage with social media/writing communities more, and look into open-mic nights/events to promote my poetry.
  • Get better at saving money and planning for the future.

And finally…to keep this blog updated regularly, whether that be with posts like this, little reviews of what I’ve been reading/watching/listening to/playing, poetry and perhaps progress/snippets of my other writing projects too. So! Let’s see how we go. Until next time folks…

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