Weds poetry prompt: ‘Excavation’ (‘Hiding’ poem prompt)


Today’s prompt: Write a ‘Hiding’ poem.

So many things can be hiding, or hidden – and not necessarily physical things either. This is the poem I will now reveal to you…


So many things shirk and hide
In the deepest darkest corners,
Away from the searing obviousness
That stifles our sense of wonder.

These are the truths lurking behind
All of those cold, stony faces
That suffer those who show so freely
Not gladly, but with icy tolerance.

They shoulder the weight of secrets
And share not the slightest clue.
They’ll only bear to share their time
With quiet souls, the great discoverers.

They’ll be the ones with the patience
To chip away at the stone slowly
And find that naked, honest face
That the rest can’t understand.

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