The ‘To Read’ List (updated 1/5/2016)


EDIT: Updated 1st May 2016

…As for the subject of this post; yes, it is the dreaded ‘To Read’ pile that, for those like me who enjoy a good book, seems to grow ever bigger due to the heavy demands and committments of our everyday lives. It became a bit of a problem for me last year, as I was constantly buying books from second-hand bookshops/charity shops, thinking ‘I’ll get to all these someday’, only to find I had so many building up in my room, still unread. It was at that point I literally sorted them into a ‘To Read’ pile, and began, you know, actually reading the blasted things, further vowing to not buy anymore until I had finished them. I’ll admit I make the occassional exception – if there is a new Margaret Atwood coming out I will either buy it or ask for it as a gift, for example – but I’ve generally managed to keep to this pretty well. So, in order to keep an actual list for myself, here are all of the books that have amassed in the pile, with links to their Goodreads pages (I will give my account on there some attention as I work through all of these as well!). Click to read on…

NB: Books in red are ones I have just completed, while any books highlighted in black are ones I am currently reading.

KINDLE reads

  • Paper Towns (John Green): As with most of John Green’s works (most notably The Fault in Our Stars, which like this book has also made the transition to the big screen – I’ve not seen the film of this one, however, I will most likely be checking that out shortly), this is marketed as a ‘Young Adult’ novel, but I think a reader of any age can still enjoy it. The search for the character of Margo that spans the majority of the book is quite compelling, and I was especially on the edge of my seat during a drive that turns into a race against time towards the end. A good read.
  • Ready Player One (Ernest Cline):  As a video game fanatic, this was an extremely appealing read, and kept me hooked throughout. Very much looking forward to Speilberg’s film adaptation! While I’m not quite old enough to appreciate some of the references to the really retro games, I still very much enjoyed it.

And the actual, real-life physical books currently cluttering up my bedroom (in no particular order):

I also have a few Stephen Kings here and there that I may read inbetween those listed above (and shall update the list accordingly). So, there you have it. Has anyone read any of these books? If so, what did you think? Would love to hear others thoughts. Until next time folks…

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