Weds poetry prompt: ‘The Taste of a Toxic Kiss’

toxic kiss
(Credit to Vadiv for the original image)

Today’s prompt: Write a ‘Lingering’ poem.

The Taste of a Toxic Kiss

It may have lost its true form
But the lies linger there still,
Deceit hanging in the dust,
The anguish filling the air,
Still scratching the throats
Of those bewitched by its spell.

They may thirst for truth now
But only a trail of tales remains,
Spewed from its toxic mouth
That dealt all of its damage
Before disappearing in a flicker
Burning trust to blackened twigs.

It’s a scourge that’s lost its shape
Yet still thrives in bad dreams
And pollutes precious memories,
Possessing each drop of perception.
Break free before your old self is gone
And there is no more of you to take.

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