2016 April PAD Challenge Day 3: ‘The Three Forces of Life’ #aprpad

Yes, I may have taken inspiration from a certain game series…what of it? 😉

Day 3’s prompt: Write a ‘Three (blank) poem’

The Three Forces of Life

Three great forces
Drive and define us
In the ongoing war
To find peace within.

Power is a pearl
That corrupts some
Yet forges others
To leave a noble mark.

Wisdom is a wand
Wielded by those
Who know truth
In this wily old world.

Courage is a crystal
That shines light
On the meek and shy,
Uncovering veiled voices.

To find and master each
Is to know the secrets
In the great and long lesson
That we know as life itself.


Last year’s prompt for Day 3: Write a ‘machine’ poem.

Heartless Chrome

They have us from first light,
The alarms that awake us
Or shrilly alert us to chaos.
We can vainly try to ignore
These watchful warnings
But they control our mornings.

We blindly activate them
To keep in humanity’s loop,
To heat our green pea soup,
To fuel us enough before
We can bear to be seen
Or tear away from flashing screen.

Every day they enslave us,
Entice us with new tricks,
Create impertinent cliques,
Distract us from life’s chore,
Immerse us in simulation
To relieve fleshly frustration.

We can try to fight it,
But they’ve already won.
It was our choice to shun
Our present physical core
And forsake our homes
To heartlessness in chrome.

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