2016 April PAD Challenge Day 4: ‘Defiance of Distance’ #aprpad


Day 4’s prompt: Write a ‘Distance’ poem

Defiance of Distance

The great gulf between us
Is no obstacle to me,
Nor a barrier to you,
The years shared greater
Than distance facing us now.

Comforting words cast across
That gaping chasm ahead,
Still soothing to me now,
Even if you are the other side
Of me, our souls stay shared.

The miles matter not to me,
Our bond still tightly wound
By a far greater force
That defies all measure
Of time or place, as do us both.


Last year’s prompt for Day 4: Write a ‘departure’ poem.


You were there for me
When I was left alone.
We shared our stories
Showed all our scars
Over sips of sauvignon
Until the smallest hours.

We made our mark
Nested in our haunts
Where spots were set
And ‘usuals’ emerged.
Us against the world
That wore us out so.

We raised each other
From the darkest depths
Of hate and heartache
And found a kinship
That was far stronger
Than their hold on us.

But now you must go.
I shall shed no tears
For I know that you
Found one worthy
Of your admiration
After so long seeking.

As I now have as well,
So might now be time
To loosen our bond.
But only that little bit,
Just enough to share
Ourselves with love.

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