2016 April PAD Challenge Day 5: ‘Write Your X-Perience ‘n’ Mad Skillz Here’ #aprpad


Day 5’s prompt: Write an ‘Experienced/Inexperienced’ poem

Write Your X-Perience ‘n’ Mad Skillz Here

Tell us your experience
That foreboding form asks
In its harsh black ink,
Prompting us to jabber on
About our awesome attributes
And mad marketing skills
That we didn’t know we had,
Until shaking pens put them there.

That’s how worth is worked out,
And our chances quantified
In the great lottery of labour
Where luck plays more a part
Than the suits would admit.
So consume all the kudos you can,
And lick the right leather shoes
To have a hope in hell out there.


Last year’s prompt for Day 5: Write a ‘vegetable’ poem.

The Vegetation Fabrication

There’s some rotten lies spread
About those pesky little plants
That our parents forced upon us,
With cruel threats of no dessert.
So were fed lie after vicious lie
About these damned vegetables.

Like being able to see in the dark
After blindly eating those carrots.
What a crafty con that one was
We complained of it not working
Only to be told to ‘eat more, dear!’
‘The magic takes a while to work!’

And don’t start me off on spinach
Make me big and strong will it?
Did it heck. Just yet more deceit.
I thought that TV could be trusted,
But it betrayed me with that lie
Of a brawny sailor named Popeye.

That wasn’t the only yucky green
They tried to get down our throats,
Broccoili too, had its own tall tale.
I wolfed it down so savagely
To get those hairs on my chest,
But alas, they never came.

We’ve grown, know better now
Than to swallow those stories,
So we scoff at the side salads,
Cast aside ineffectual carrots,
Banish broccoli and spinach
To the darkness under the table.

But the cycle will come round,
We too will speak these lies
To quiet our stubborn sprogs,
And in the mirror we will see
Our parents, having last laugh.

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