2016 April PAD Challenge Day 6: ‘Fertility’ #aprpad

‘Roots’ by Frida Kahlo

Day 6’s prompt: Write an Ekphrastic poem (a poem inspired by art)

(I chose one of the examples given on the site – ‘Roots’ by Frida Kahlo)


So many lives inside her
Who has already been,
Those who are yet to be.
A mother by nature,
She sits upon this rock
As the living forest of trees.


Last year’s prompt for Day 6: Write a ‘Not as they Appear’ poem.

Behind a Clouded Mind

You talk a such a big game,
But I can see the secret shame
Behind those scathing sneers,
I see you and all your fears.

You spout all your notions,
Caring not for our emotions,
Finding fault in everyone,
Create conflict if there is none.

You judge us all up and down
Or self-loathing would drown
You in your cesspit of sadness,
So you nit-pick us all to madness.

I see how small you really are,
You act like you don’t care,
But I know inflicting this pain
Is all that keeps you sane.

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