2016 April PAD Challenge Day 7: ‘Urban Feet’ #aprpad


Day 7’s prompt: Write an ‘Urban (blank)’ poem

Urban Feet

Setting foot amidst lights and sirens
Our walking shifts its pattern
To traverse the madding crowds.
That sudden urge to rush on,
So that famous sights stay unseen,
Lost in a swarm that doesn’t stop.

We weren’t born with urban feet,
We had to adapt and evolve
In the race of modern times,
The city created them for us
To give us a fighting chance
In the crazed concrete jungle.


Last year’s prompt for Day 7: Double feature! ‘Write a love and/or anti-love poem’ (I did both)

The Moment
That fleeting, elusory moment,
We so desperately await, long for.
Words are lifted into a hurricane,
Forever we lose them to the wind,
Always drowned out by life’s storm.
Battling with feelings we cannot help,
That draw both blood and tears,
Still we climb to the terminal point,
Clinging to hope, lest we fall out.


Emo Love Poem #644
You are my lighthouse
In a foggy dismal sea,
Saving me from drowning
In my own self-pity.

You are my lantern
In a dark lonely cave,
Holding my hand till
I’m in my cold, cold grave.

You are my torch
In a misty tunnel,
I’d go round the bend
If not for that light at the end.

You are my moonlight
In the vast, vast blackness,
A welcome, warming sight
In life’s unforgiving night.

You are my lamppost
In those vicious streets,
The light that guides me
And sets my soul free.

You are the light
In my shell of a life.
Let me love you a long time
In unending, irksome rhyme.

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