2016 April PAD Challenge Day 9: ‘Hiding Spot’ #aprpad

Green Man - #1 - Mysteries of the Forest

Day 9’s prompt: Write a ‘Hide Out’ poem

Hiding Spot

My own secret spot
Shrouded in forest trees,
It was my place to hide,
To stop and ponder,
My little patch of paradise.

I walked here alone
To hide from cruel reality
That I could not face.
The demons of loss and grief
Held me tight in their grip.

To break free from them
I braced and took flight
From the terrible place
Where I had lost it all,
My reason to go on, gone.

So here now I hide,
Solitude my only friend
In this calm serenity
That clouds out the pain
If only for precious moments.


Last year’s prompt for Day 9: Write a ‘Work’ poem

The Drone Directive

We start you on the lowest band,
Not the cool sort, you understand,
There shall be no music-making,
Merely the sound of souls breaking.

You’re here to inspire and empower!
Tasks beyond your pittance per hour,
We never said the numbers were fair,
But we still control them, so there!

But wait! Don’t fall into depression!
There is some chance of progression!
Remember the bullet points you read,
Before you put one in your head.

It’s all there, the things you must do
All of the hoops to jump through
To go up in our hopeless little hive
Do all these you must, to survive.

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