2016 April PAD Challenge Day 10: ‘Discontented’ #aprpad


Day 10’s prompt: ‘Pick an emotion, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem’.


A jigsaw in my head
Where pieces don’t fit,
The big picture unclear
To a mind full of fear.

I try my best to build
From scattered blocks
Without form or box.
They topple, I try again

And again, seeking order
In this distorted plane
That has hidden an answer
In clouds of confused anger.

I strive on to make sense
Of this wind and rain,
With the faint hope
Of seeing clear skies again.


Last year’s prompt for Day 10: Write a ‘How…(blank) poem’

How to Function in Society

‘How do you live each day
Maintaining that illusion
That you are perfectly normal?’
The awkwards among us ask,
Fumbling their way through it all.
I’m still not entirely sure I know.

How to stop your words slipping
Into stuttery, slushy gibberish.
How to stop your twitchy eyes
Falling to your sheepish shoes.
These secrets are the fabled key
To function in common society.

Sadly I have not yet unlocked
What comes to others so easily.
I serve my speech in slipshod
With a quivering, shaking spoon.
I cloud the purity of silence
With my compulsion to fill it.

So the answer, fellow awkwards,
Is still something that eludes me,
So just dither through best you can,
Talk like they do, walk like they do
And then just maybe you too
Can join the tribe of the normals.

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