2016 April PAD Challenge Day 11: ‘In Defence of Dreamers’ #aprpad


Day 11’s prompt: ‘Write a Defensive poem’

In Defence of Dreamers

Don’t turn a blind eye
To thinkers and dreamers
Or overlook the ones
Who quietly observe.

Those who say little
Sometimes see far more
Than the bold and loud
Who thunder on life’s stage.

They’ll let answers come
In dream or deep thought,
To blurt out anything before
Would risk wasted words.

So spare thought and time
For those distant dreamers
Who uncover the secrets
That brazen men have missed.


Last year’s prompt for Day 11: ‘Write a Seasonal poem’

The War of Sun and Storm

Summer shows herself again,
Awakening us from half-slumber,
The daze in which Spring left us.
Opening the door to longer days,
In which we bask in her beauty,
Shedding the cold wench’s remains.

She casts aside the residual clouds,
The sky is hers now, her space
Which she must guard unyielding
To fight off the fractious fog,
And yet, she still must steel herself
For the threat of the oncoming dark.

Hers is a season of constant war
Between the sun and the storms,
The turmoil rages inside her,
A curse she vainly tries to control,
But her peace shall only come
When shade of shrubs changes.

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