2016 April PAD Challenge Day 12: ‘A Little Splosh of Silliness’ #aprpad

mr silly

Day 12’s prompt: ‘Write a serious and/or silly poem’

A Little Splosh of Silliness

Don’t scowl or frown
Don’t look so stern,
Your face will get stuck
If you don’t let go
And laugh, and love
The lighter side of life.

Splash mud on the bores
Who sneer and say,
‘Stop being so silly’
So their stoic face cracks
And forces out a smile
From their mealy little mouths.

Convert the cheerless crowd
And celebrate silliness
In daft attempts at dance
Or childish carnival of noise,
Share these simple joys
With the stuffed shirts around us.


Last year’s prompt for Day 12: ‘Write a Damage poem’


When precious eyes
Cannot bear to look
At your pleading face
And silence surrounds,
You can sense that the
Damage is already done.

No words can soothe
The bruises of betrayal,
Nor soften the blow
Of the secrets and lies.
The happily ever after
Lies strewn in tatters.

Trust is a fragile thing,
Once struck too much,
It breaks like the heart
That gave itself to it,
Taking eternity to repair,
If it ever can be at all.

The room is now a cell,
Where both are trapped
In that one dire moment
When truth transpired,
And a once robust bond
Is now and truly broken.

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