2016 April PAD Challenge Day 13: ‘Last Straws’ #aprpad


Day 13’s prompt: ‘Write a Last (blank) poem’

Last Straws

So often we swear
That it’s the last straw
When in reality
We have a whole bundle
Built up over time.
The burning resentments,
Those bitter thoughts,
Heavy on both body and soul,
But yet to break any backs.
The spine still suffers,
As does our self-worth,
Simply because we don’t speak
Of what fuels our sheer hate
Until temper throws in the towel.


Last year’s prompt for Day 13: ‘Write a Confession poem’

Confession of a Would-Be Writer

I may wear the persona
Of the world-weary writer
But I feel I must confess
That some days, words
Do not spew so easily
From my blockaded brain.

Only excuses will exude
On those barren days,
Time spent to concoct
Those tales, not any
That inspire or excite
Or that I wish to write.

Write! Like it’s that easy,
That wretched old world
Always gets in the way.
Yet it is inspiration too,
This is the cruel curse
That creatives must bear.

The blank pages haunt me
Laugh at me in empty lines
This now is my confession
Simply so I can take solace
In the small consoling fact
That I have written something.

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