2016 April PAD Challenge Day 18: ‘Office of the Damned’ #aprpad


Day 18’s prompt: Write an ‘office’ poem

Office of the Damned

Storms and flurries of paper
Pretending to be in piles,
Pens that no longer work
But haven’t made it to the bin,
Scraps of spidery scribbles
That made sense at one time.

These are the things
You’ll see in the office
Of lost souls and dreams
Where its tired overlords
And their worn-down minions
Can’t bring themselves to care.


Last year’s prompt for Day 18: ‘Pick 2 vowels and write a poem using words that only contain one or both of those vowels’.

Now this was an extremely tricky one. I opted to only use ‘O’ and ‘U’ and, well…I’ll leave you to be the judge of how well it worked 😉

To Plot Your Doom

How could you not know
Who plots your doom?
You look upon frowns
From your phony chums
Who murmur on you
For dusky hour on hour
Round your slothful turn
To plot your utmost drop.

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