2016 April PAD Challenge Day 20: ‘Cell of Silence’ #aprpad


Day 20’s prompt: ‘Write a poem of what goes unsaid’

Cell of Silence

When we lack the will
To say it in words
We tell our stories
And show our scars
In the shape of our eyes,
In barely audible sighs
That say it all in silence,
Yet the true essence
Of deeply buried feelings
Are kept close to quiet chests.


Last year’s prompt for Day 20: Write a ‘My (blank) the (blank)’ poem.

My Brother, The Torturer

Oh, he tried and tested me so,
Jabbing away at each button,
Picking at every peculiarity
Presented by his beloved brother.

He crafted many a character
From my gawky mannerisms,
Giving me a vault of voices
That I didn’t know I had.

He’d set my patience ablaze,
A short fuse, frayed and worn
From this war of the siblings
One brother a boiler fit to burst.

Our mother, the tired mediator,
And a fed up, frazzled father,
The only ones able to arrest
The boundless battle of brothers.

But the war would still rage on
Until age appeased us both.

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