2016 April PAD Challenge Day 23: ‘Sole Mates’ #aprpad


Day 23’s prompt: Write a ‘footwear’ poem

Coincidentally enough, I bought myself a new pair of slippers today! So I thought I would write a poem in appreciation of the marvellous footwear invention…(hoping you can forgive the pun in the title!)

Sole Mates

When coming home
With feet swollen and sore
From the daily dance
Of draining routine
There’s nothing quite like
Kicking off our ‘people’ shoes
And dipping our toes in
The toasty warmth of slippers.

We have all had that pair
That stands test of time,
Tattered and dog-eared
With perhaps a hole or two,
That we’d only part with
Once finally fallen apart.
Old or new, one’s slippers
Are a cherished thing indeed.

They are twin cradles
Where our tired feet sleep
Before the rest of the body
Gives in to slumber as well.
The familiar snugness
As they cosily caress
Our worn and beaten soles
Warms us from life’s bitter cold.


Last year’s prompt for Day 23: Write a historic poem.


History, History…
Who said it was “his” story, anyway?
We all know who really
Wore the trousers in this timeline.

Just think of all the men
Intimidated by the Iron Lady,
Who cowered from Cleopatra,
And met bloody end from Boudicca.

All men became mice
When confronted by woman’s claw
This is the one true constant
Across all of the ages.

After all, was it not Eve
Who defied her male overlord
And suckled the dreaded fruit?
She chose her gender over the Garden.

Even when rights evaded them,
The girls were scheming, plotting,
Secretly, they always knew
That ladies would have the last laugh.

Oh, it may be “His” story,
But ‘He’ made all the mothers
That birthed the meek little men
Who dare not defy their mistress.

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