2016 April PAD Challenge Day 30: ‘Dead End’ #aprpad


Day 30’s prompt: Write a ‘dead end’ poem.

And so we reach the end of this year’s April PAD Challenge. This poem might seem like a bit of a bleak note to go out on, but there is a glimmer of hope towards the end 😉 Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my poems this month!

Dead End

Trapped in this rattling car
I slammed foot on pedal
Desperately trying, hoping
To drive on to dreams ahead,
A destination finally in sight,
Only for panic to pull me back.

So many signs passed by,
But I don’t know which to follow,
I could take the fast lane
At risk of rapid ruin
Or savour the scenic route
Only to get stuck in looming rut.

And so I drive on,
Allowing my auto-pilot
To navigate a never-ending
Highway of hesitations
And chances not taken
That has no clear end.

One day I’ll break free,
Slash this self-imposed seatbelt
And barrel out the doors,
Ready to run again
To the better days
Beyond this black tunnel.

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