Weds poetry prompt: ‘To Take Back Time’


Today’s prompt: Write a ‘When Everything Stops’ poem.

As it says on the WD page, its a bit weird getting back into the groove of weekly prompts after writing a poem every day for a whole month! But I don’t think the result today was too bad…judge for yourself…

To Take Back Time

A wish to be sealed
Within single moments
Would seem quite strange
To those who sprint
Without thought to the next.
But with eyes burning ahead,
They don’t see small beauties
That wrap each and every second.

The feel of fingers in mine,
As two hands become one,
And bare flesh collides
While rain patters down outside,
That is one such moment
I long to seal and bottle up
So I could then drink from it
When lost in the desert of life.

In this tiny, treasured twinkle
I see water splash on the window,
Seconds and minutes trickling away.
To stay in just one small drop
Of that precious time, with them
Before it falls to the ground
And bursts in a bottomless puddle,
Would be truly the greatest gift.

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