#123 Streets of Rage 2

A great write-up on one of my favourite games of all time 🙂

366 games to play before you die


  • Original release year: 1992
  • Consoles: Arcade, Mega Drive/Genesis

When I was growing up, there was two Mega Drive (or Genesis for the North Americans) games that people talked about. There was Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage 2. Those were the games everyone wanted, including me. I borrowed and played through Streets of Rage 2 more times than I could at my young age, but regardless, my mum wouldn’t let me buy it until I was older. It was harsh, but oh well, I eventually got it, even though by that point I had already played it to death and completed it.

For many, Streets of Rage 2 was their first experience of the side-scrolling, 2D beat-em-up genre. I know it was my experience and every game I played in the genre afterwards, I compared and contrasted to Streets of Rage 2. Few, if any, came close to the…

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