Years of My Life: 1988

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To recap: This is the second in a series of posts that will cover each year of my life since my birth in 1987; mainly the things that interest me that happened/were released or conceived that particular year. This will include happenings in the world of music, video games, literature and television that are of particular importance or nostalgia to me. I’m hoping that this will give my followers a better idea of where my interests and passions in life lie 🙂

Check out the previous post for 1987 here.

On to 1988!

In the news:



Roger Hargreaves

In Literature:


Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood published (September)

The then-latest from one of my favourite authors – she had already written a number of novels before then (including the fantastic The Handmaid’s Tale published three years before, and the first of hers I read), but Cat’s Eye is another great read, with clever use of the titular cat’s eye marble as a motif and trigger of lost memories throughout the novel.

In Music:


Bon Jovi: Bad Medicine (New Jersey, 1988)

The lead single on Bon Jovi’s New Jersey album, released in September, this is one of the band’s most famous songs, a radio favourite and also with considerable exposure within pop culture. I got into listening to this band as my mother was a fan (Livin’ on a Prayer, released two years earlier, has to be one of my favorite songs of all time, and I will never fail to sing along every time I hear it). This is just one of those songs that practically everyone knows. Check out the video for the song here, which has quite amusing meta-commentary at the beginning about the typical set-up for rock music videos.

In Television:

250px-RedDwarfBackToEarth1   250px-Count_duckula_titles

15th February: Red Dwarf begins airing (BBC 2)

6th September: Count Duckula begins airing (ITV)

Two extremely British doses of television silliness debuted this year. I actually didn’t sit down and watch Red Dwarf in its entirety until quite recently, but was glad that I took the time to – it combines sci-fi and comedy effortlessly, and Kryten might just be one of my favourite characters ever – his scenes rarely failed to make me laugh. It starts getting a bit shaky towards the end of the original run, sure (and the less said about that godawful Back to Earth special the better), and I haven’t checked out the most recent series, but on the whole it’s a great watch for anyone who appreciates science fiction but doesn’t take it too seriously. Duckula, meanwhile, is just one of those cartoons that can easily be appreciated by kids and adults alike – watching them all again recently did not feel childish in the slightest. It’s a cliche to say, but they honestly don’t make them like this anymore (and even rarer for them to use traditional animation, CG being all the rage now). And somehow, Nanny breaking the front door/a wall/etc is still funny even after the fiftieth time you’ve seen her do it.

In Video Games:

mega drive

October 29: Sega Mega Drive released in Japan

You’ll be seeing a lot more from this baby as we plow on through the years – most likely starting with a certain blue hedgehog who made quite the impact in 1991 😉

And that, ladies and gentlemen, wraps up 1988. See you next time!

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