Weds poetry prompt: ‘The Bigger Picture’


Yes, this is coming a tad late this week; I was working a long day on Wednesday, and then Thursday night me and the better half both had that day and Friday off, so decided to take a little get away that involved shopping, dinner (which ended up being on the house due to technical issues preventing us from paying by card, sa-weet!), seeing the Absolutely Fabulous movie , and staying the night at a Premier Inn. So it suddenly occured to me today that I missed the Weds poetry prompt. And yes, I’ve been slacking a bit lately in general. The next ‘Years of My Life’ post will be coming shortly, for those interested…anyway, without any further rambling, here is the poem;

This week’s prompt: Write a ‘bigger’ poem.

The Bigger Picture

Days yawn forever
We shuffle and slog,
No longer step in pride.
And yet sanity is kept,
For in the sea of struggles
Sleep bigger fish than you or I.

They swim without sound
No clear form or shape,
Vessels of vague ideas.
But it becomes clearer,
The bold, plain promise
Of brighter days to come.

After all, what is a trophy
Without the path of turmoil
That ultimately led us to it?
A bigger picture always up ahead,
Even on the greyest days,
Coming to focus when time is right.

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