Weds poetry prompt: ‘Oi!’


-Catching up on last week’s Wednesday Poetry Prompt here, as I was away for a few days. The prompt certainly struck me as an interesting one, and one quite renowned cry of the working-class British (as well as in other cultures, as Wikipedia has enlightened me!) immediately came to mind. Here is the result. Enjoy!

Last week’s prompt: Pick a word–and only one word–you might use to get someone’s attention; make that word the title of your poem; and then, write your poem.


Many might say ‘Hello’,
Some may say ‘Hiya!’
For others, a simple ‘Hey’
Will generally suffice,
But for those of us
With more muck than time
On their working hands,
The sharp cry of ‘Oi!’
Is a bit more to the point,
And versatile exclamation.

It can be a friendly greeting
To ‘them down the pub
Or a one-syllable objection
To someone or something
That has ‘wound you up’
Just that little bit too far.
Or even a sudden stop to
A barney in the local boozer.
Whatever the inflection,
Its intention has no doubt.

So why even piss about
With a wimpy ‘Sorry but…’
Or a pathetic ‘Excuse me…’
Just shout out that one word,
And save some precious time.

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