Scribblings from Second-Hand Books (#001)


So, I just finished From Baghdad, With Love (Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman) today, (a quick book review to shortly follow in another post) and upon reaching the final pages, found some curious scribbles which must have been written in by the book’s previous owner (I purchased it second-hand from a charity shop) I’ve noticed this in several of my books actually, and like this one, there is sometimes phone numbers scrawled in there as well! (obviously I won’t post those), and find it strangely fascinating, trying to decipher meaning from something that a distant person I have never met has written. Therefore, I think I’ll make a series of these, and post them as I discover them! See what you make of this one (there is also a photo of the page above for good measure)

You cancelled Sat. – We don’t have any money – Then on(?) again because why? because I make a fuss today flowers because I ask 4 them.

I am unhappy, I am ignored until it suits you

I sit outside the skate park day after day

What do people make of this then? An angsty teenager who was a poet in the making? Has anyone else found intriguing scribblings left behind in their books from those who read them before? I’d love to hear if anyone else ever runs into this phenonmeon…

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